Hi.  I am a 3rd Generation IBMer.   I started in 1979 as an employee in the Stockroom on 3rd shift in Owego, NY.

My Grandfather was a Security Guard with 25 years of service.  My Mother started as a Secretary and retired in 1987 with 25 years of service  in Accounts Payable in Vestal, NY.  My Uncle started as an Engineer and retired in 1987 with 25 years of service as an Executive in Gaithersburg, MD.

I have experienced a lot of changes within IBM over the years and I have to say that IBM has provided many avenues if you are willing to change.  I have had many different roles in many different organizations and I have obtained experiences and friendships that I cannot even begin to measure.

Please share with us when and where you started with IBM, what Generation are you and your good experiences with IBM for our retired, existing and future Generations!